2002 Level of the Month
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Unfortunately, 2002 was the poorest year in custom mapping for the Quake's since the original Quake release in 1996. Next to nothing was released for Quake2, while Quake had little more. The first half of the year saw only five releases, and the second half even less. Half-Life was still alive, but with even less quality than 2001. Thus, I was forced to end Level Of The Month after four months.



Soul Of Evil

Game: Quake
Author: Various led by Tronyn
Date: April 2002


What started off as an episode to follow Phantasmal Garrison and Coven of Ebony, quickly flourished into a collosal two-episode Quake adventure with several others joining in the project. Inside you'll find two 6-map episodes including secret maps, a start map and end map. If you expect to play this in the evening after a long day at work or school, don't expect to get any sleep.

The gameplay overall was well balanced, not very difficult but offering a long dose of constant action with plenty of variety and not getting repetitive. The end battle, however, was very difficult and may take many tries. With great level design, combined with hours of action, Soul of Evil is a must download.




Rune Keep

Game: Quake
Author: RckTrob
Date: March 2002


Rune Keep is the debut Quake level from RckTrob, and it celebrates a style we all know and love. ID texture wizard and medieval themes, with plenty of good detail help to create a familiar atmosphere and good looking level. There is alot of variety in themes but consistent dark lighting helps to keep it together. Gameplay is challenging and fun the whole way till a large boss fight at the end. A good level, even if it is the only map released this month.




Game: Quake
Author: [Kona]
Date: February 2002


Stylistically, in terms of architecture, textures and in some cases lighting, the theme was highly original. It's safe to say you've never seen metal quite done like this before. Instead of the usual underground gray-metal complex, you're getting a sort of turqoise-brown-green-white combination. It really is quite colourful, yet manages to stay gloomy in most spots. Architecturally, this is your "typical Kona" stuff here, only much bigger and more complicated. The layouts and architecture are very complex.

The first map, Escaping Bastille, starts off quietly, and then the enemies begin to come. Most have been reskinned and some other stuff has been added - additional attacks and sounds. All of this adds a nice new feel to the pack. The second map is definately harder than the first, and the third is most certainly harder than the second. A good unit for a fan of Kona's work or the Q1SP enthusiast.




A Desert Dusk 2: Scorpion Garrison

Game: Quake
Author: Tronyn
Date: January 2002


To kick off the new year, Tronyn releases the sequel to his A Desert Dusk. Desert Dusk 2: Scorpion Garrison, carries on the same theme and monster usage, and even comes bundled with its predecessor. The style is quite unlike any other temple themed levels, and looks very good. Gameplay also shines brightly, with many rocket launching Ogres, Vores and Scorpions. Overall, a great level from Tronyn, even better than the original A Desert Dusk and just as good as his Rapture and OUM levels, probably better. A large well-connected layout, plenty of interesting designs and details, followed with some great and fun gameplay.



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