1999 Reviews

Heretic II

  • Review Date: 2000-01
  • Release Date: 1998-10
  • Developer: Raven Games
  • Rating: 9.5

I wasn't expecting to think much of Heretic II when I first got it (borrowed from a friend), as it was third-person (well whatever you call the behind view). I got halfway through Tomb Raider a long time ago and deleted it, but Heretic II is quite different. It looks better (apart from the model... you can't beat Lara!), moves better, and has much better gameplay! The weapons are quite good and different, which is good to see after so many games have used the shotgun and machinegun! It reminds me a bit of The Wheel of Time, but personally I liked the weapons a little better. Your first weapon is a stick and a blade on the end - let's call it a boomstick :P I used this for almost all of the game - as long as you can get to your enemies before they unleash their power, it is simply awesome spinning around and smashing your blades into them, making an explosion of blood all around you. I'm STILL not sick of doing it! This is probably the best weapon I have seen in any game to date!

All the other weapons are spells like on WoT, fireballs and, er, other kinds of balls. You even have the machine-gun disquised as another boomstick but with a skull attached that shoots out red balls at a high rate. Something unique is that most of the weapons share the same firepower, so you don't have to worry about running out of ammo so much.

On the level design half, they look brilliant! Most of them had very good layout, especially the last few levels taking place in Cloud Fortress. You usually knew where you were going but there are multiple paths, which is the best style for levels. Design, architecture, textures, atmosphere - these were all brilliant. There were different styles used, from the city, swamp, palaces, caves, mines and castles. You are too travel through each, in a great storyline which is told throughout the game. You'll eventually make your way to the game boss, where again, Heretic II wins another award for best boss I have played against. Your mission is not to beat the boss, but wear him down enough that you can cure the madness of the world before he regains his strength.

Overall, if you want something slightly different from the usual First-person-shooters, this will surely give you a few days entertainment that you won't forget. I'm going to go buy Hexen2 now!