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Star Trek Voyager Elite Force Demo

  • Review Date: 2000-07
  • Release Date: 2000-09
  • Developer: Raven Software
  • Rating: 8.5

Most of the Star Trek games so far have been fairly disappointing, so I was not looking forward to this new Star Trek game as much as some of the upcoming shooters like KISS or FAKK2. But after playing this demo, I can't wait for the game to arrive!

The one thing going into the demo I was hoping for, would be that the game not only is enjoyable and provides some good action, but also makes you feel like you're watching another episode of Voyager. I was not disappointed! There are two levels in the demo, both were a few bsp's each (which seems to be the trend these days with HL, SOF and DKT all using this approach). It starts out with a little cinematic sequence as you are on board a Borg ship and have been seperated from your crewmates. Your mission is to find them (most have been captured) and then teleport back to Voyager. It is a fairly simple mission as the only enemies you face are the Borg that are alot like Half-Life zombies. They slowly walk towards you and hit you. Once you have the special Borg-killer weapon it's just a matter of keeping a fair distance away and firing shots at each one. There are short objectives needed to be completed, but nothing too hard or complex. It's really just find the button or shoot something to create a path. I was quite impressed by the explosions when you shoot explosive devices. They are much better than in any game so far.

The second level is totally different, as you find yourself back on Voyager. This level is more like the start of the story, where just after a short battle with another ship, the Voyager teleports into some strange place with many ghostly and deserted spaceships floating around. The level start with you on the bridge and you need to complete a set of objectives. There are no enemies this time, the only way to die is by not completing an objective in time and getting killed by hazardous materials or explosions. It was a good change from the first level and show off that the game will have both puzzle solving and action.

Level design was great. Some of it reminded me of Daikatana, but it was cleaner and more professional. With lots of detail and good level design, although the base and spaceship theme has been used many times before (Unreal probably doing it best) I will happily play through it all again if the rest of the game looks as good as the demo. The one thing the demo didn't demonstrate that well was how the gameplay would be, apart from shooting slow moving Borg. But overall the demo wasn't very long at all, keeping me busy for less than an hour. At the end when 'to be continued...' popped up I thought, 'oh no that's it?!'. But that is probably a good thing too, as I was looking forward to more of the game. Hopefully it will be released very soon, as it looks like it will be quite a fine shooter.

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