2003 Reviews

Halo: Combat Evolved

  • Review Date: 2008-08
  • Release Date: 2003-09
  • Developer: Bungie
  • Rating: 6.5

Okay so I'm slowly catching up on all the games I've missed over the last several years. Haven't really played anything since 2001, apart from Unreal 2. I got a new computer this year (March) so I'm started from 2001 and playing all the good FPS since then! Already done Undying, WOT, SOF2 and this week played through Halo.

I was expecting it to be ugly and repetitive, but gave it a chance. It didn't feature very good level design; there was alot of copy/paste of rooms and corridors, made worse by incredibly bland textures. But, the outdoors levels were good, and huge. Especially given this was released in 2001. I absolutely hated no quicksave and having to wait for checkpoints. Not because it was too hard, but some of the outdoor battles, eg. flying ships, gun turrets and rocket tanks with a dozen aliens on foot, can take up to 10min of strategy gameplay to get through. Getting 90% of the way through only to get hit by a rocket and having to start all over again is inexcuseable. I actually found most of these outdoors battle scenes (particularly in level 8) to be much harder than the final 2 levels. Where's the big finale aswell? A lame poor-handling buggy ride is the finale.

Only carrying 2 weapons at a time was also a rubbish idea. But with the machine gun and shotgun combination, some of the close range combat against the Flood was surprisingly enjoyable.

Still, with ugly indoor level design and only say 30% of the gameplay being enjoyable, I can't say I'd ever sit through the game again. Very, very overrated. And while the story was decent, it was nothing truly worth being made into a blockbuster movie.