2004 Reviews

Call Of Duty: United Offensive

  • Review Date: 2009-12
  • Release Date: 2004-09
  • Developer: Gray Matter Interactive
  • Rating: 8.0

Released a year after the original game, comes Grey Matter's expansion pack for the hugely popular Call Of Duty. And in most ways, it improved on what Infinity Ward did with the full game.

For a start, United Offensive, while being fairly short for even an expansion pack, was still almost as long as the full game. I estimated UO to be about 5-6 hours, with the full Call Of Duty game being 7-8. And that was my main criticism of Call Of Duty, that it being too short.

The other area Grey Matter have improved upon, despite still using the same engine and game, is level design. The levels in UO are a smidgen more impressive this time round. They feel more epic, especially examples like the lighthouse level. The only let down was the final Russian leg of UO looked exactly the same as the original game. They could easily have seamlessly integrated into part of the full game's Russian leg.

The other major difference between COD and COD:UO is the gameplay. UO features much more frantic action, with hordes of enemies running you down. Some of the battles just feel MUCH bigger. And in the process, hard as well. In some cases a little too hard. The sniper rifles with zoom features weren't used much in UO and you'll really miss them. At least in my run through I never picked them up much, if at all. Instead I stuck with the same few guns throughout the entire pack, which did get a little numbing by the end.

COD:UO is an improvement over COD. Slightly more epic levels and gameplay, a decent length when compared to the original game. But very much more of the same, just slightly better.