2007 Reviews


  • Review Date: 2013-11
  • Release Date: 2007-11
  • Developer: Gaijin Entertainment
  • Rating: 5.0

I didn't finish X-Blades. I got halfway through after a few hours, completing about 17 levels (of 41) and realised that the remainder of the game was going to be replaying the same 17 levels all over again, except this time during evening instead of day. Which really just means a slightly darker sky. Of course different enemies as well. That is nothing short of unforgivable laziness from a developer. The levels aren't even big. A couple of them are just a few short corridors. The remainder are mostly combat arena's.

Early on it feels okay, you get through them in a reasonable time. But the further you get into the game the more enemies respawn. It's not even done with imagination, the same enemies you face in the first 30 minutes you continue to be fighting well into the game, there's just more of them and respawning seems to go on and on and on.

Then I got to a level about halfway through, a bossfight with a giant floating eyeball, where the boss was using random enemies to regenerate its health so you had to kill the enemies then get a off a few shots on the boss. Rinse and repeat. But it was only giving me a few seconds to attack before more enemies would spawn, so I could see this was going to be another repetitive level that just goes on and on.

X-Blades is a typical hack n slash combat style with upgrades and spells to be used, of course. There's also lots of pickups throughout the levels, as if that never gets old. But the enemies are a bit lame looking, not that fun to fight (some of them are just fucking annoying) and too repetitively used.

It's a shame because X-Blades seemed promising. The main character was purely designed for male gamers, an anime-style (despite German developer) barely-teenage blonde girl with nothing but tiny underwear and an insanely misproportioned body. Which is the main reason I even got the game, like many other players I'm sure. Also included were nicely done cutscenes that weren't just game renders, with an actual story taking place.

Even more suprisingly the game doesn't look too bad. Some of the levels are quite nicely done for arenas. I suppose we're at an age in 2009 where it's not so difficult to make decent looking games.

It must be said I played almost half the game in a single sitting and was enjoying it up to that point. But I could see it was starting to go downhill as the difficulty increased.

Painkiller and Serious Sam this is NOT. A sequel was released in 2012, similar looking gameplay but improved looks. I'll give it a try.