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Crysis Warhead

  • Review Date: 2013-11
  • Release Date: 2008-09
  • Developer: Crytek Budapest
  • Rating: 8.5

In my review of the original Crysis I hounded the gameplay a bit. It was frustrating at times, almost too meticulous. But after playing many, many custom made mods I realised I just needed more time playing it. You get used the style of combat, making headshots count, using the suits best features.

So with Crysis Warhead I felt it was nowhere near as difficult as the first. That might be because I'm just more practised, but I feel Crytek have made it slightly easier as well. I wasn't really that challenged throughout Warhead (played on Normal) compared to the first game, even during the boss fight(s). But that's a good thing for me, I don't like a game that's too hard. So this time they got the difficulty right.

Compared to Crysis, apart from being slightly easier, the combat is more of the same. No notable new enemies (apart from aliens with forcefields?) and no new weapons until the last ten minutes of the game. There is a lot more ammo in supply, so I happily played most of game with the Scar, FY71 and Gauss Rifle. No SMG rubbish here. You can also now dual-wield, but the controls for the right hand didn't work for me. It seems to be bound to mouse2 which can't be changed, which for me I changed to walk backwards. So if I was dual wielding and tried to walk backwards I'd shoot my gun at the same time. Not that I ever actually needed it.

The graphics of Crysis are the same as before. I can't really tell if it's been improved, particularly because I only played Crysis with an enhanced graphics mod. I played Warhead on maximum settings (although it reccommended I go one setting down) but I had no slowdowns at all and it looked like quite beautiful. Perhaps less massive set pieces this time. You can definitely tell the final level was rushed out. The levels are also much more linear this time which won't please many players who loved the sandbox style of Crysis.

There's also a little less beautiful jungle as the second half moves to more base, underground and icy environments. I was okay with this, I've played so many custom mods that are all nothing but jungle so it's good to get something different. The underground sections were so fantastically moody, I wish some horror games could pick up the Crytek engine and create some real horror.

Warhead is a four to five hour game - a mission pack, basically, coming in at (I believe) half the price of a full title. Despite this there's plenty of shooters lately that struggle to get far beyond five hours. Which makes Warhead a very worthwhile purchase, without any real flaws apart from it's length.

This is a tough one to rate. Do I rate it compared with full length games, or do I take into account that it's half price and half length? It's easily good enough for a 9.0 if it was full length, but I'll knock it back to 8.5 since it is only a mission pack.

Crysis Warhead

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