2008 Reviews

Operation Thunderstorm

  • Review Date: 2011-11
  • Release Date: 2008-11
  • Developer: City Interactive
  • Rating: 4.5

City Interactive is a budget shooter warehouse of a developer. Their 2008 lineup includes Operation Thunderstorm, SAS: Secure Tomorrow, Battlestrike: Force Of Resistance, Code of Honor 2, Sniper - Art of Victory and The Royal Marines Commando. I've already reviewed SAS and I'll be playing Royal Marines next. The others I'm skipping; the quality is variable.

Operation Thunderstorm started badly. To sum it up in one sentence and punchline, this game would have been good... if it was RELEASED IN THE 1990's! Although as the game progressed (quickly) some of the levels get better than the first couple. But the graphics here aren't great. As crappy as SAS looked with it's 2004 F.E.A.R. engine, this game is actually a little worse, although it's using the same engine. It's cramped, nothing but endless corridors and small winding rooms and at times is quite maze-like, saved only by it's small on-screen map and forward arrow highlight where to go.

But ignoring the bad graphics, I actually had a lot of fun in this game. The enemies are all the same, even the two bosses appear to be just normal enemies with a different skin. They go down quick. Once you get a few good guns and start walking around with your scope out, it's a blast. A great, old skool shooter feel with no story, just picking off enemies over and over.

You can't expect perfection with a game that's only 2gb installed, and it's over in well under three hours. City Interactive should probably just give this game out for free now as a digital download to garner attention for their future titles, but if you can find a copy to download then it's probably more fun than wasting two hours watching the latest Hollywood blockbuster. It's not really worth any money though.

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