2008 Reviews

SAS: Secure Tomorrow

  • Review Date: 2011-11
  • Release Date: 2008-09
  • Developer: City Interactive
  • Rating: 4.5

SAS: Secure Tomorrow is the first City Interactive title I've decided to try, having received mixed (but not bad) reviews from Gamespot and IGN. Not sure what game they were playing, but SAS was barely worth the $10 I paid for it.

The game is so short you'll be done in under 3 hours. You start in a prison, followed by a building complex then a snowy base in Greenland. In most games, that would be three levels but City Interactive spreads it out across 10 levels. It's basically just F.E.A.R. inspired room-corridor-room design. Even the outdoor snow levels are just a series of medium sized outdoor areas connected by snowy passageways (corridors). There's no great detail, no setpieces whatsover or even mildly interesting environment backgrounds. Compared to other 2008 games, SAS will be a big let-down, as it looks about as good as games released five years ago. In fact if this was released in 2003/2004 it would have been quite popular, apart from the length.

The engine is a little better than the art, being the Jupiter EX from Lithtech that powered F.E.A.R. and Condemned. But by 2008 this engine is a few years old and hasn't aged well.

Ultimately if you liked the look of F.E.A.R., then SAS is more of the same. Just a little worse.

The gameplay has you fighting terrorists with two comrades. Unfortunately they are a beefy source of frustration, constantly getting in your way. They run into rooms gung hoe because they're invicible, but they're also really bad shots and often will just stand around not shooting and often facing towards you while there's enemies RIGHT BEHIND THEM. Perhaps it's a good thing, otherwise they'd complete the entire game for you.

You get some variety with plenty of weapons, although they're all very similar machine guns, but all fairly fun. The enemies have mixed AI, sometimes retreating to cover. But overall it's quite an easy game. I probably only died a few times on medium difficulty, mostly due to being reckless. Sometimes you need to be careful and lean around corners using cover, while you can also run into a room blasting. It's the kind of gameplay I enjoy.

So overall, below average design and extremely short length, but it's generally kind of fun. If you can find it for under $10 and have absolutely nothing else to play, then it's perhaps worth a few hours of your time.