2008 Reviews

The Royal Marines Commando

  • Review Date: 2011-11
  • Release Date: 2008-11
  • Developer: City Interactive
  • Rating: 6.5

There's really not much more to say about The Royal Marines Commando (hereby TRMC) that I didn't already say in my reviews of SAS and Operation Thunderstorm, both 2008 shooters from City Interactive. It's the same Lithtech (F.E.A.R.) engine, almost the same enemies and guns, just with a slightly different story and different settings.

This time out it's 1941 and you're playing as a British Marine against, you guessed it, Nazi's. There's six levels in total and at least this time we got a couple outdoor levels which actually looked pretty good. The others were typically bland, dark and underdetailed. When it comes to the design, there's no difference between this and City Interactive's other games. They would have been far better off just taking their three (or four if you count Code Of Honor 2) Lithtech shooters and merging them all into a single game. At least then you'd get a good 10-13 hours of gameplay, instead of four games of three hours each. I guess it's their way of sucking players in to buying multiple titles, thinking they're getting a full length game.

You can't claim any of these games to be AAA titles. They're budget in every sense of the word, and don't come close to the graphical quality of other games in 2008. The fact they use Lithtech is their only saving grace, which although is already four years old, still looks half-decent.

The story is mindless WWII dribble that I couldn't give a stuff about. The combat is repetive all the way through and in the case of TRMC wasn't as fun as their other titles due to the terrible recoil on the MP40, which is unfortunately the weapon you'll use the most. On top of that your team-mates are complete idiots and constantly get in the way, although they are good at clearing out a room; perhaps too good.

Overall then, just another average City Interactive game that's really only for FPS junkies, not the casual gamer.