2009 Reviews

Dragon Age: Origins DLC's

  • Review Date: 2013-12
  • Release Date: 2009-11
  • Developer: Bioware
  • Rating: 7.0

The Warden's Keep

Released: 3rd November 2009
In this DLC you travel to Soldier's Peak, a snowy haunted castle taken over by Dark Spawn. In the end you meet the mage behind summoning the demons. It's an interesting short story and short DLC, just over an hour. But it does give you a Storage Chest and Starfang. Possibly the best DLC.

The Stone Prisoner

Released: 3rd November 2009
Here you get to pickup a new character, the Shale, a stone golem. I didn't have much use for him. But the small village on Honnleath was quite cute. Unfortunately at first I only played half of the DLC and thought it was over. It was until I completed the game and started this review that I realised there was another half to it that only gets initiated if you talk to the Shale at a certain point in the game. Poorly done. However once you do get to the second half of the DLC, you'll find a fantastic underground lair as the Shale looks for memories of it's past. My second favourite DLC.

Return to Ostagar

Released: 13th January 2010
This is a bit of a nostalgic DLC, as you return to the destroyed Ostagar to find fallen comrades and King Cailan's armor. It has some great visuals of Ostagar, but it's not completely new as it's the same level as before, just a modified a bit. Overall not my favourite DLC but not too bad.

The Darkspawn Chronicles

Released: 18th May 2010
In this DLC you take control of four Dark Spawn and replay the ending sequence from their perspective. It was quite sad having to kill all the DO:A heroes. But what was fun was controlling new character; the Vanguard, Emissary, Ogre, Shriek... fantastic. Unfortunately the Ogre was quite useless, constantly missing and just standing around instead of attacking. I also wasn't really big on the idea of no health regen (until you get the Emissary) but on the other hand if any of your characters die you can simply posses a new one. As you can guess, I'm not big on paying money for a DLC just to be replaying the same levels I've already seen multiple times in Denerim. It's ever so slightly different, but the big pull is playing as Dark Spawn. For me that's certainly not worth the money. Next.

Leliana's Song

Released: 6th July 2010
As far as storyline goes, Leliana's Song is the best DLC so far, by far. It covers some backstory to Leliana with an intriguing plot, reminding me a bit of the Thief series. The DLC starts out in Denerim, not such a good start in a town we're well familiar with, but it looks great at night. Then it moves to a bit of a dungeon crawler, which didn't look so good, certainly the most disappointing visuals of the DLC's so far. It ended on an island with a few toughish fights. Overall, the worst visually, but good to play for Leliana's story. About 1.5 hours to complete.

The Golems of Amgarrak

Released: 10th August 2010
It got off to a great start; back in Deep Red searching for a lost Dwarven team that had run into a new deadly foe, The Harvester. Good looking area and you pick up a new team to go with your standard character; Bronto, some Dwarves and Runic Golem who has some Mage abilities (reviving the dead!). Unfortunately, that's where the fun ends. The entire DLC was really just one small level where you run back and forth flicking switching and not really knowing what you're supposed to be doing. I spent of my time wandering around confused. On top of this, while you can take your normal character in, don't expect to complete it if you're below level 20. While most of the combat is okay, the end boss is just too difficult against your team of low-equipped misfits (even with five of them!). You know if I wanted a huge challenge, I'd be playing on fucking nightmare. I'm not, even putting it down to easy the boss was too difficult. Shouldn't easy actually BE EASY! But despite the boss, the rest of the level was too much back and forth, this DLC is without a doubt the worst so far. What's worse is you have no Mage (unless that's your main character) which would have made things a bit easier.

Witch Hunt

Released: 7th September 2010
Witch Hunt is one of the better DLC's, as you hunt down Morrigon. Unfortunately most of it takes places in previous areas (Flemeth's Hunt, Circle Tower, Cadash Thaig from a previous DLC) but we also get a short final level the Dragonbone Wastes, featuring a badly done boss battle. The majority of the DLC was quite easy for a final game character. Alas, it was decent, but I feel like the earlier DLC's were the best.

You can purchase the original Dragon Age Origins for $9.99 on Steam or the Ultimate Edition for $24.99, which also includes the Awakening official expansion. Is it worth more than double the price for seven DLC campaigns? Quite frankly no, not at all. You're better off buying the game and just torrenting the DLC's. But I haven't played Awakening yet so let's wait and see.

Dragon Age: Origins DLC's