2009 Reviews

Section 8

  • Review Date: 2013-10
  • Release Date: 2009-09
  • Developer: Timegate Studios
  • Rating: 5.0

For a single player review, this game doesn't really need a full review. It's obviously a multiplayer game with a short, sub-three hour single player campaign slapped on it. When I read something is single player, I hope for a bit of effort put into it. But this game was a bit of a waste of money.

There are eight levels, all of similar appearance; a large open terrain, void of vegetation or anything really interesting, with big bland military type structures and bases. Not really any internal exploration, it's all played in big open areas. That's just the nature of the gameplay - fast movement (when you hold your run key down for a certain amount of time) and giant leaps.

You only have three proper weapons, the rocket launcher, machine gun and shotgun (which is useless). The enemies have the same, so you're just about fighting bots except that there are a few heavy mechs and the odd vehicle.

So it's move from point a to point b, securing checkpoints, hacking consoles and fighting off re-spawning enemies until it's time to move to the next checkpoint. It's not even difficult because everytime you die you simply from your space shuttle hovering above (and fly down, Medal of Airborne style) with all your ammo back. Usually you can you can control where you land, so it's all too easy to just ignore the firefight and land directly beside the next terminal you're supposed to hack. But if you've recently started a level you get no control, so having to trek back to the battle each time gets boring very quick.

The end boss battle I spent more time being dropped and gliding through the air than actually fighting.

Short, average gameplay. Typical Unreal Engine large scale environment, but a bit bland and open. Definitely skippable, unless you want to play some multiplayer but I'd assume the servers are empty.

It looks like TimeGate Studios released a sequel (again with only a short 4 hour single player campaign) then went bankrupt.