2009 Reviews

Terminator Salvation

  • Review Date: 2013-08
  • Release Date: 2009-05
  • Developer: GRIN
  • Rating: 5.5

Terminator Salvation is really a half-assed game. It's over in less than four hours, only features a few different enemies and just adds itself to the sea of identical cover shooters.

The enemies consist of T-600's which just walk slowly and take a tonne of ammo, flyers which explode with just a few bullets, but the majority is an enemy where you have to hit it from behind for a couple of seconds to kill it. Naturally you have teammates, so the idea is to flank it while it attacks your teammates. The problem is it just ignores you teammates who are utterly useless and just sit behind cover or follow you around. So most of the time your just sitting and waiting for one of your buddies to finally land a few shots at the enemy so it can turn around long enough for you to hit it's weak spot. You can't get it's attention for them to hit the weakspot, but they'll never actually hit it. It's terribly poor gameplay, and the worst A.I. I've seen in a while.

Thus I suppose it's not such a bad thing that you'll be done after four hours, since another four hours of this repetitive shit would hardly be worth the effort. I feel sorry for those that spent $50 on this though, it's really worth about $15, about the same price of the movie at the cinemas, which will be over just as quick.

For me the end came out of nowhere because although I knew there were only nine chapters (levels) the chapter count stopped at seven so when I got to the end I thought I was still on chapter seven with two more to come. It wasn't exactly the boss battle to end boss battles either.

There are goddamn cutscenes constantly throughout the game. Complete one room and suddenly another cutscene. At least they do have a bit of a go at telling a story, even if it seems very bizarre that John Connor risks the lives of many others (including civilians) just to save three of his soldiers trapped in enemy lines. At the end you blow up Skynet... hmmm, that's not quite what happened in the movie.

One of the common complaints is Christian Bale didn't do the voicing for his character. I guess he realised this average game wasn't worth his holy presence. But what's worse the John Connor model looked nothing like Christian Bale. They might as well have been completely different people. So much for tieing the game into the movie.

The one thing I will compliment about this game is it's design. Although very linear, the art and design looks pretty good as a destroyed city of Los Angeles. The engine doesn't have much fancy post processing and lighting looks flat, but considering the sloppy length and combat, at least it looks nice enough.

Perhaps Grin spread themselves too thinly in releasing three shooters (two of them movie tie-ins) in one year, and instead should have focused on a single game - which I would guess shouldn't be this one. They went bankrupt after Terminator Salvation.