2010 Reviews

Lost Planet 2

  • Review Date: 2014-03
  • Release Date: 2010-05
  • Developer: Capcom
  • Rating: 6.5

I never managed to play the original Lost Planet, because Capcom decided they didn't want to put the effort in to allow proper keyboard remapping. Although Lost Planet 2 is only a slight improvement in that you can only remap letter and numbers keys, at least a third-party program GlovePie can get around that. It's probably not my biggest regret skipping the original, because Lost Planet 2 is below average when compared to the large collection of action titles in 2010.

So you'd only play Lost Planet 2 for one of two reasons:

1. Like me, you play every action game released, even if it is a complete turd.
2. You love co-op over single player.

I played Lost Planet 2 mode with only 3 bots as my companions, so I got to experience the game it's worst, with these utterly useless bots that will just stand around watching while you have to do all the work. The worst parts are when you need to do certain things such as defend a few points on a level, which would be dead easy if the bots didn't just follow me around. Or on the infamous train ride, where you need to manage multiple button-mash overheating units, load missiles into a cannon, get in the cannon and slowly aim it at the boss. Some reviewers claim it to be the worst level in video game history, at least in single player mode.

Knowing this, I actually played through the game in easy, just to avoid throwing my keyboard through the wall when the bots decide to have a picnic. The other reason being an odd saving system, which I'll get into later.

But easy difficulty is just that, so you don't need to worry about any frustration. It's just a nice simple run through the game, where you probably won't die (completely) at all. Apart from maybe a couple of levels where a timer is involved. Even the bosses are all piss-easy on the lowest difficulty.

So I might have avoided giving this game a lower score by avoiding frustrating deaths putting me back a long way. The way the progress in the game works is by splitting it up into six Episodes, each with 3-5 chapters, each with 1-4 areas (single levels). However it only saves progress when you quit between chapters, so if you're nearing the end of a chapter and quit the game, you'll have to start the chapter all over again. So what do we end up with, maybe 50-60 areas/levels, each with loading and usually cinematics between. The quickest is only 2 minutes long, most under 10 minutes. There was a stretch in one part of the game where I completed 4-5 areas in a row in the 3 minute region. Why the hell would you make a game where levels only last 2-3 minutes each before you hit a big ugly stats screen and new loading?! In fact, on a couple of the sub-3 minute levels, the cinematics probably last longer than the actual gametime. It's fucking ridiculous, laughable, even. Most chapters should have been single levels, not broken up like this.

Once you have finished the game, you can start any area you like, probably a direct rip from Left 4 Dead. But this game is no Left 4 Dead. While the graphics are quite impressive at times, it all suffers from that age-old problem of feeling like a video game, with levels that don't feel realistic. This is probably also because of gameplay features such as activating respawn points, which are in every level and many times your only objective. You do this by button mashing beside it. Yes every time I go to the supermarket I have to find a shiny beacon sticking up in a random place, squat down beside it and repeatedly bash it. This will then give me yellow spoof, which has something to do with my life, and allow me to respawn should I do.

But, Lost Planet 2 does have some good variety in it's environments, from snow, jungle, desert, sci-fi/military settings, even a space station with low-gravity in the last episode, which I was particularly impressed with. The game started out pretty poorly, but the environments improve as you play. You'll have to give it some time though, because Lost Planet 2 is over 10 hours long.

So back to the yellow spoof, which is something you collect throughout the game. What the fuck is it? There's also battle reputation, probably some sort of upgrades somewhere, a health regen button that never works. Capcom have done a poor job of guiding the player on what all this shit does. All I did was try to max out the goo in each level, because when I died it seemed to deduct goo when I respawned. God knows what else it was for.

The combat is also very unpolished in Lost Planet 2. Weak weapons and horrid recoil, which never gets better. Dumb-as-hell enemies. A terribly slow walking speed.

Story is also half-assed, beginning with you just fighting random enemies then later working towards destroying a huge "Over G" (yes that's really what they call it) boss. Eventually I realised I was playing different teams, much like Modern Warfare 2 jumping back and forth. But that was poorly done and usually I didn't really know who I was or what I was actually doing, this despite a lot of cinematics.

So what is good about Lost Planet 2? I guess some of the bigger enemies and bosses can be impressive. And the design, despite stupidly short levels, is often good enough for a 2010 game. That's about it.

Lost Planet 2