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NecroVisioN: Lost Company

  • Review Date: 2014-03
  • Release Date: 2010-02
  • Developer: The Farm 51
  • Rating: 5.5

Oh Farm 51, you really don't know how to start a game do you? Just like the original NecroVisioN, it starts out bad. Even worse, in fact. This time you're inundated with hordes of zombies in a small area, that just keep getting up over and over again. Twice I got surrounded and just sat there waiting to die because I couldn't move. I very nearly quit, some games I would have quit and never returned. But I know NecroVisioN was a good game, surely Farm 51 must have improved or at least stayed as good?

Well, unfortunately, they took most of what was bad out of NecroVisioN and made a sequel with it, at half the length of the first game. NecroVisioN got good in the second half, when you finally do away with zombies and WWI settings, and adventure underground to fight Vampires and other creatures out of hell, with a dual-weild mix of powerful supernatural abilities and Vampire weapons. In Lost Company, almost the entire game takes place in the WWI settings against zombies. Weak weapon, poor enemies, and average levels. Many other games have done the WW settings well, COD for one. For a budget title to succeed it's going to have to do something different. NecroVisioN did with it's underground gothic environments. But with just the WWI, it's not enough for this game to succeed. On top of that, the levels aren't anywhere near as good as NecroVisioN anyway, with very few set-pieces. With only a year of development, they clearly rushed this out. The length is about five hours.

The underground palaces do eventually make a return for the last level, plus the boss fight. But that's less than an hour, why even bother changing the game so much just for one level?

One also has to remember a year has gone by since NecroVisioN, thus technology is a year better. But Lost Company hasn't improved it's graphics at all, so in 2010 looks even more dated. With old fashioned techniques such as enemies spawning and doors closing behind you, re-spawning enemies (though not infinite like the first game), Lost Company certainly feels like a game from the 90s.

This time you also get allies - allies that never die and you can just stand back while they kill everything, although the enemies still completely ignore your allies and come after you. There's a horrible tank level where you might as well kill your own allies because half the time they launch rockets into your own tank because they're too fucking stupid to aim around it.

There's really nothing new in this game, so it's almost really a stand-alone expansion pack. Same graphics, same enemies and weapons, just a slightly different story and set of levels told from the perspective of the antagonist from the first game.

Overall, it's still not a bad game, but certainly not up to the standards of NecroVisioN. You have to overcome the garbage combat at the beginning of the game, but it's five hours of old-skool  budget bin entertainment. Good for a wet Sunday afternoon.

NecroVisioN: Lost Company

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