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Tron: Evolution

  • Review Date: 2014-06
  • Release Date: 2010-11
  • Developer: Propaganda Games
  • Rating: 6.0

I actually absolutely loved the movie, Tron: Legacy. Which is surprising because I was never a fan of the original movie. But Legacy had a great story, good characters, awesome visuals and best of all was Daft Punk's film score. Who'd have thought an electronic dance duo would produce one of the best orchestral film scores of the millenium so far. Sadly, Propaganda Games chose to overlook the score, barely using it during the game and instead bring in a video game composer for the job. They ended up with a typically bland and unmemorable game score. I really cannot believe they were so stupid to not use Daft Punk's score, but that's a good indication of the skill level of the studio.

Nevertheless, gaming isn't about the music, it's about fun gameplay and impressive environments. Both of which the developer fails miserably at. I see this game has a 5.5 Metacritic score. I was hoping this might be one of those games rated lower than what it deserves, but it's actually pretty accurate.

The combat focuses on third-person using your disk to throw at opponents. You can block and melee hit, but that was never very effective so I just stuck with chucking the disk. You also get special attacks which need to be built up over time. Most of the enemies are basically the same, just with slightly different attacks. Some will only be vulnerable to certain special attacks or disks (you have four different types), while pretty much invulnerable to everything else. Bit of a poor way to spice up gameplay.

Tron also features a lot of Prince of Persia style wall-running and jumping. Fortunately it's a lot more forgiving than the recent POP, usually only requiring you to hold down run, sometimes jump and the movement keys to swap surfaces. Never really any nasty sections.

So that's the run-down of combat, but is it any good? No, not really. It reminds me a bit of the recent Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II, but much simpler.

Propaganda also fail at delivering a stunning digital environment. It's not an easy theme to run with, so it really required them to create some very minimal, abstract environments, but also at a very high quality. Instead the quality is horrible. The maximum resolution is only around 1680x1050, so I couldn't even put it on my native resolution. You end up with fuzzy, low quality textures and some real lacklustre design. You know it's Tron, but it's very uninspiring, paint-by-numbers console level design.

Conclusion - just a typical game/movie tie-in with little real effort. A five to six hour afternoon and you'll have this game done and forgotten.

Tron: Evolution