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Emerald City Confidential

Emerald City Confidential

It's hard to compare indie games like Emerald City Confidential to full triple A games because they obviously lack the budget to do anything cutting edge. But what the lack from having a 100 strong development team, they can make up for in other areas. ECC does have pretty budget looking graphics with its hand drawn scenes. But the imagination behind it makes it superior to most adventure games with their standard European city based murder mystery plots or island-adventures and the rest of the re-hashed plots we see over again in adventure games.

ECC takes us to a noir inspired dystopian Oz, complete with all the regular Wizard of Oz characters re-imagined and a good vs bad plot. Why can't more games show this much creativity? It's like a modern version of a classic fairy tale setting, with amusing characters, especially the main character.

You've just got to look past the dated visuals and at the art itself, which is very creative. The only problems are sometimes it feels like all you're doing is clicking through long conversations instead of puzzle solving (which isn't too difficult). It's a good length too - only 4-5 hours. Any adventure game over 10 hours is too long in my opinion. Also sometimes it does feel like it's made for kids rather than adults.

It's a shame it looks like the developer, Dave Gilbert, hasn't stuck to fairy tale settings for future games.