Adventure Games

Broken Sword: The Sleeping Dragon

  • Review Date: 2013-12
  • Release Date: 2003-11
  • Developer: Revolution Software
  • Rating: 7.0

The main problem with Broken Sword 3 is the controls. They moved to arrows keys for real time movement rather than clicking the edge of the screen, much like normal first/third person games. Unfortunately the camera angles are all set, like a normal adventure game, which plays havoc trying to control the movement. I believe one of the Tomb Raider games tried the same thing. It was nice a try, but completely failed. Also the game hasn't aged well. Although it would have looked okay in 2003, 3D graphics have continued to enhance so going back and playing a 2003 game in 3D you get some very crude, boxey level designs. Also some of the puzzles can be very tiresome, especially moving crates around for the upteenth time. However it does have a good storyline. In the end I was sick of it 2/3rds through and was looking for to the finish, which couldn't come soon enough after 8 hours.