Adventure Games

Ghost Pirates of Vooju Island

  • Review Date: 2014-05
  • Release Date: 2009-11
  • Developer: Autumn Moon Entertainment
  • Rating: 7.0

The second game coming from Autumn Moon following the charming A Vampyre Story in 2008. This time the founders (Mike Kirchoff and Bill Tiller) are back to their roots, Bill being an artist on the third Monkey Island game. There are many similarities, even homages, to Monkey Island. This game is short (4-5 hours for me) but does have a detailed storyline as you play three different characters throughout. You even play a lot of the game as a ghost, so no one else can see you. The design is good, with some nicely drawn environments, but it does feel low quality at times. The cutscenes in particular are very blurry. So it's lacking that AAA punch, especially compared to Tales of Monkey Island, but not bad for a small indie team.