Adventure Games

Mata Hari

  • Review Date: 2014-03
  • Release Date: 2009-06
  • Developer: Cranberry Production
  • Rating: 6.0

Mata Hari is the first title from a new developer, Cranberry Productions. It does feel fairly budget, being 5-7 hours long, with standard 2.5D rendered scenes. The locations are well familiar to adventure gamers - Monaco, Berlin, Paris, Madrid. By halfway through the game you've seen them all, and unfortunately becomes a real chore as you're mostly going through the mandatory travelling requirements of getting in the taxi and buying a train ticket... too many times to count.

It's mixes a few of the usual mini-games into a puzzle experience that isn't too challenging. But some things feel pretty half assed, such as Mata Hari needing to learn a new dance move where most of the time she just does the same re-hashed laughable animation.

The plot is more interesting, based on dancer, courtsan and spy around WWI. But some creative license had to be used around her actual missions and characters.

Overall a game based on Mata Hari showed promise, but ended up being a bit dull.