Adventure Games

Sam & Max Save the World

  • Review Date: 2014-01
  • Release Date: 2007-07
  • Developer: Telltale Games
  • Rating: 7.0

2007 wasn't a great year for adventure games. Sam & Max Season 1 being the undisputed  overall favourite among adventure fans proves that. S&M1 combines the six downloadable episodes (all about an hour each) into a single game, all with an overall story arc and villain. You can take down a 'sub-villain' in each episode, realising at the end that they were only a pawn. The stories were inventive, characters fantastic. For everyone wanting an entertaining sitcom type story, full of amusing jokes (I won't say hilarious as I only laughed out loud a few times), then Sam & Max is perfect. I must admit, I didn't much like the voice acting for Sam, it was dull and didn't really fit. In fact, I'd actually rather see Bosco and the Soda Poppers have their own full-length game than Sam & Max again, as they were by far and away more amusing than Sam & Max. Every episode Bosco, the local convenience store owner has a funny new disguise. The Soda Poppers were three awkward looking former child-tv stars, each with their own grown-up issues (although they still looked like children).

However, Sam & Max isn't perfect. The majority of each episode is spent going back and forth between the office, Bosco's store and Sybil's shop (which also changes each episode). So you're seeing the same damn shit that you saw in episode one for the entire game. Sure each episode brings a new area, usually the villains location, but it got a real chore having to constantly click along the pavement back-and-forth from the car to Bosco's and Sybil's. Also the graphics, while zany and creative, weren't cutting edge. The first you need to do is change the default resolution from 800x600. The textures look ghastly at the default view, but even when maxed out things like the posters are a pixelated mess.

The other thing a little annoying were some of the puzzles, though creative, were complete nonsense and defied logic or realism. For instance (spoiler alert) in the last episode you feed someone a magical device so that he throws up a Deed to the United States (since Max is now the president and fed it to him), which you then sell to Sybil as she's Queen of Canada for a trillion dollars, which is then used to purchase a remote from Bosco to crash his satellite into the moon next to a doppelganger Max to flip him over because for some reason he's too heavy to lift off the ground, because you want to steal his tail. Or the previous episode you pay Bosco a billion dollars for him to blow snot into a rag which is then used as a computer bug to destroy the internet. There's plenty of 'what the hell' moments.

It's a good game, but for sequels I'd love to see the graphics and levels expanded on a bit more. Less 'downloadable indie game', more triple-A. It does however, make a nice change from a decade so far void of any humour in it's adventure games. Let's be honest; Kate Walker is pretty sour.