Adventure Games

Secret Of Monkey Island Special Edition

  • Review Date: 2014-04
  • Release Date: 2009-07
  • Developer: LucasArts
  • Rating: 8.5

It's great to revisit an old adventure classic with a remastered appearance. The gameplay, scenes and puzzles are all exactly the same. But the graphics have be redrawn, voices added and sound effects. While the graphics are very impressive in some parts of the game, there are some scenes that look downright unfinished. Monkey Island in particular, the last part of the game, looked very average and a few scenes looked like they were still in the drafting stage, so I do wish LucasArts put a bit more effort into some of the scenes. But many of the scenes look good, particular on Melee Island, which makes up most of the game.

The control scheme is also really bad for a modern puzzler, forcing you to revisit the control menu several times trying to remember the mulitude of keys to press.

But overall The Secret of Monkey Island is still a great adventure game, sometimes silly but always fun, and it's aged well.