Castle Creep

  • Review Date: 1999-11
  • Author: David Lloyd
  • Genre: Half-Life
  • Rating: 70


A great set of levels which kept me busy for nearly two hours. You get to play in a huge castle, which at times was also sewers, labs and even some homely furnished areas. I prefered the castle style, which was probably best in the first level. Unfortunately this level took a dive with the puzzles and maze-type layout. You walk around, flick a switch and then find your way back to one of the many doors you passed earlier to find the one that opened. There was a very nice puzzle, however, when you are stuck inside a trap with two guards and have to find a way out. Gameplay was average, very fun and challenging at times, but at other times there's nothing to fight! There was an awesome little part where you smash a digger through walls and grunts (reminded me of Sin). Overall this level was quite varied - at times it looks great and is fun, but the puzzles and layout can get a tad annoying. Overall a very enjoyable pack.