• Review Date: 2000-02
  • Author: Kevin Lockitt
  • Genre: Half-Life
  • Rating: 67


Half-Life releases seem to be getting so big these days, and this is no exception. I was kept busy for two hours enjoying this great set of eight levels where you break back into Black Mesa. But Deliverance is certainly not your usual HL base level full of Grunts and Aliens. Kevin has done a great job of forcing you to use your brain, with puzzles and strategy. Alot of it is keeping a security guard or scientist alive for later use. I found this to be very tricky, especially in the last few levels where you need to lead two scientists around. In the end there is a fork in the path. Two elevators leading to two different levels and endings. It would be a good idea to save here, as you can go back and do the other ending afterwards. Both were quite a surprise, as you end up in familiar levels from the original game. One was extremely hard where you need to use one scientist to start the huge portal, while the other level you need to get them to a helipad (which could have been a bit harder). Following these is an interesting write-up of what happened afterwards.

However, I experienced a number of problems trying to get the idiot scientists to follow me so make sure you save the game at times. And some of the puzzles were quite hard and almost required god mode just to do it. It's not all puzzles though, you get a good load of Grunts thrown in too.

The design was good too, although not the best, it is very good considering it is a debut set of levels. The levels look fine which is enough to satisfy me.

Overall a great set of levels which I enjoyed playing, but make sure you have the hints on Kevin's website loaded up!