• Review Date: 1999-11
  • Author: Joseph Lollback
  • Genre: Half-Life
  • Rating: 71


Judging by what other review sites thought of this huge level pack, I wasn't expecting much from Haunted, fortunately it was alot better than I had thought! It took about an hour to get through it (the bsp's can get as small as just one large room!) and although there were parts that were a little dull with no monsters, I had a fun time. There were a few new ideas thrown in, one where the lights go out and your left to go through the next couple of levels with your flashlight. Most of you will probably think 'ah screw that, i'll skip this one thanks' but if it was fear the author was trying to create here, he certainly succeeded! It was scary running around in darkness trying to find a door with the small illumination of your flashlight, when you start to hear footsteps all around you. You spin around just as you are slashed by a Zombie! The last few levels took place on a train (although quite boring and repetitive, and was extremely jolty at the end) which was very fun and unique. But after I stopped the train and a new level loaded, it was black and I couldn't move - that was the end! No final battle or anything, which was quite disappointing.

The level set does have its problems and can feel a little 'amateur'and plain in some areas, but nothing is perfect and this is another 'must get' download, even if it is 8mb.