Kosovo II - The Second Day

  • Review Date: 2000-01
  • Author: Tim 'Kew' Jervis
  • Genre: Half-Life
  • Rating: 64


This is the sequel to Tim 'Kew' Jervis' good, but over-rated Kosovo 2k, reviewed here. Fortunately, Kosovo 2, is alot better! Although there is still no exit, there is more of an objective here. Rather than running around a maze and blasting the grunts around every corner, you must make your way to a rocket launcher so you can take out the helicopter. The level is still very non-linear, but this time you'll have a good idea where the start is, and where the end is! Gameplay is exactly the same as the original, a great grunt-fest, but the visuals are actually a little better. In the center of the level is a small creek and bridge, surrounded by those unique church-like buildings which Tim is so good at! Overall, much better than the first, but it will be so much better when Tim releases this and all the rest at once, as it doesn't work so good on its own.