Mistaken Identity

  • Review Date: 2000-05
  • Author: Richard Hamer
  • Genre: Half-Life
  • Rating: 54


Mistaken Identidy is so full of bugs it just ruins the 3-level pack. If Richard Hamer had played it a few times before releasing it, alot of things could have been fixed. Such as frustrating gameplay - an example, you climb a ladder to meet three Grunts, if you stay there and kill them all your going to loose ALOT of health, so the obvious move would be to kill one, then jump back down and repeat the process. However, as soon as you go back down the ladder each Grunt will continuously lob grenades at you so you can't even get back to the ladder! Also at one stage you need to climb on a crate to proceed, only if you move too far to one side of the room a Grunt will see you and also lob grenades, this time blowing up all the crates and making you stuck.

Gameplay can be tricky at times, especially with very little ammunition. Level design, however, was quite good. It certainly was a bit better than the expected newbie maps. Unfortunetely, I don't even think a full compile was done here as it runs so slow!
I look forward to Richard's next release, because with decent design and probably more polishing up, it could be quite good.