• Review Date: 2000-02
  • Author: Tyler 'Tylak' Munden
  • Genre: Half-Life
  • Rating: 68


Finally a new level released! And it was certainly no disappointment. In Reviviscence your mission is the usual one, your stuck in Black Mesa and need to find a helicopter to escape.

All in all, this is just another good set of levels for Half-Life. It's fun and challenging, although there is plenty of health and ammo to make up for it. The typical enemies are here, Grunts mixed in with Aliens.

In the design department, textures looked good, but there was nothing spectacular. A good range of them were used, but most of the levels were spent inside Black Mesa, so there isn't much great architecture to look at.

Reviviscence is an average level set, which you should enjoy playing.

Warning: To play this level you need tfc.wad, which should be in your TFC directory if you've installed the latest patch. Simply copy this file into the Reviviscence directory and you can play it (otherwise halfway through it crashes).