The Long Night

  • Review Date: 2000-02
  • Author: Germano 'Uoz' Guerrini
  • Genre: Half-Life
  • Rating: 76


I assume this is a level debut, at least in single-player design, as I have not heard of the author before. But as I starting playing through the 10 levels I was quite pleased to see some very good level design. Not over the top, and not much to go 'wow' at, but it's consistently nicely done with good use of textures. Every level had its own style with different textures and sometimes even different design. The layout was good, linear but not too linear. I found as the levels went on the improved in this department. Also you eventually get some objectives to complete.

The only problem was gameplay. It was not very balanced. Sometimes it would be tough, sometimes easy. Sometimes you would be quite low on ammo, but near the end there was plenty to spare for that big battle that never came. Nevertheless, it was as good as most other HL levels in gameplay, and even better with design so this is a level set well worth checking out.