The Xeno Project 2

  • Review Date: 1999-11
  • Author: Mr White of Loki's Missions
  • Genre: Half-Life
  • Rating: 82


When I saw that The Xeno Project 2 had been released, I decided it was about time I would call this a rainy day and pull the original Xeno Project out of my yet-to-be-played levels archive. It was awesome, and definitely better than anything to date for Half-Life (apart from the yet-to-be-played USS Darkstar and Redemption).

So I expected TXP2 to be even better - aren't sequels supposed to be better? Well not this time...

You start off where the last mission left you - surrounded by the Gman and his deadly forces who throw you in prison on board their huge starship. You then need to escape, but just as everything starts to get a little repetitive - along come the Xen! The ship is intercepted and the Xen starship starts stealing all the cargo. You must fight through the dark and damaged human spaceship until you get on the Xen one. The gameplay here goes a little downhill as you start to run out of ammunition, and the puzzles get frustrating, but everything improves once you board the unique Xen starship. Those who don't like the Xen style levels might not like the latters levels in this pack, but I sure did!

This 14-bsp set reminded me alot of some Quake 2 levels, and although it was not as fun as Mr White's first release, it had better design, atmosphere and originality, which makes it an excellent release and #2 on the ratings page, just 1% behind the original Xeno Project.