100 Brush Competition

  • Release Date: 2001-01
  • Author: Various
  • Genre: Quake

[Kona]s Review

There are some great small maps in this pack, although with a contest which limits the amount of brushes used, you would think some mappers would try to play around with the lighting to improve their levels. Instead you get either far too dark (Gilt) or too bright (Fingers). Otherwise there were some great maps here. I do think a lot more could have been done though within the brush limit.

Ouverture by Gilt
As I was playing it I felt a little surprised that this was the winning map (even having not played any of the others yet!). It's quite difficult, with a rather weak ending. However it is a very tough map and one of the hardest in the pack. But don't expect to be able to see the architecture or the enemy, this level is so damn dark. It has some nice large architecture, a floating set of platforms surrounded by sky and blackness below. Good gameplay, unique architecture, but just a few simple things let it down a bit. Maybe it is just my light settings, but this alone drags it from the top podium for me.

Valley of the Kings by Fingers
We go to opposite extremes here, with a full bright level! This is more to fit the theme of the temple styled map, which is much more Quakey. This is more like what I was expecting, with large angled brushes to make walls. A nice outdoor section even with a bridge, which probably would have wasted a number of brushes. Overall, nothing spectacular or unique like the winner, but still a little different from the typical Quake level. Simple, small but good.

Stamppot by Zippie
As soon as I spawned into this one it was apparent that it was damn good. With some good angles, fresh textures and nicely coloured lighting. Once you get up to the top level and see the wacky architecture it's even better! It just could have done with some better lighting to show it off more. Also the gameplay was very weak, with only a dozen monsters. It seems Zippie skipped this part a little, with the big finale being a single Scrag blocking your exit. More effort on gameplay and lighting would make this a winner.

Sector 98 by Jaj
Rubicon is an easy texture set to do plain levels with few brushes in, because many of the textures seem to be large player sized walls. Therefore Jaj was able to make a fairly large map built of quite big rooms at that, each with a second level. Lighting was a bit brighter than what you would expect in a Rubicon textured map, with architecture fairly plain. Gameplay was okay, with the final battle being the only challenge. The rest was just Enforcers, Grunts and Dogs - easy! If the rest were done like the finale, it would have been a great challenging map.

Minimal Devastation by DaMaul
Something a little different from DaMaul, rather than a map with brushes used sparingly to get something big, it's just one large arena with monsters that spawn in, and brushes used almost like a normal map to create some great architecture and details. It is certainly one of the best, despite this lack of creative use of brushes to get a bigger map. Gameplay was great, except for the end where you need to kill Tanktitty, but it's takes so bloody long to get to each button. Lighting was great this time round!

100 Hours Till Dawn by Xenon
Great title, and great map. Done in Quake3 textures like Insomnia, this map has some nice solid architecture in what is pretty much one large area with a couple levels and paths stretching out from the sides. Gameplay is particularly tough, but this time you get plenty of ammo to deal with it. Just the lighting which lets it down, as some of the architecture can't be seen well with the shadows.

Scragbait's Drop In Center by Scragbait
It has nice atmosphere, though fairly boxy and plain architecture. Once you get out of the cube your in and find a blood red cave it's a little better. The gameplay was fun and tough, but there really wasn't that much through put in - it's your typical drop the player in a room with plenty of baddies. Just a slaughter.

Abject Abscess by Palldjon
A great use of brushes here where you start out in some corridors, and at the end of the map return to this area to find a huge brush removed and it's now all one room. This room is done in ikbase, while the rest of the map is temple, which didn't seem very consistent. Also there was an underwater section, which made up much of the map, where far too many Zombie's had been put. Palldjon also made the start map, which looks quite good.

Fat 100 by Fat Controller
Descent looking, though not brilliant, doesn't make much use of simplifying brushes, nor using any great detail like DaMaul's map. Just a small typical Quake map, without any final battle.

Perwinkle Paranoia by Edgecrusher
It looks like the idea here was to recreate Doom2, without any effort put into looks. However, nearing the end I didn't stand much chance of completing it properly with the ammo I had, so I was forced to sprint to the exit. As for visuals, does one texture throughout the entire map give you an idea? The rooms are huge, each with one brush walls of ikblue and a few flame torches.

Diez Equis by Fern
This is like Fatty's map, but has alot more detail. I wouldn't be surprised if it had been yanked out of an upcoming full Q1SP from Fern. Looks great, but not much too it. Gameplay is good too, but would have been much better if it wasn't so cramped.

Medieval Minimilism
I probably would have put this in the top 10, as it has quite a nice atmosphere, and a neat vertical layout. Gameplay could have done with some more work, with only a dozen monsters sparsely thrown in.

Cliffside Carnage & Shadows by KillazOnTheRun
A promising idea, you start on a cliff on a sunny day and make your way into the small fort. Quite a short level though.
As for Shadows, I don't really think this should have been entered, as it's too hard and is just two long rooms.