A Desert Dusk

  • Release Date: 2001-01
  • Author: Tronyn
  • Genre: Quake
  • Rating: 84

Tronyns Review

I've done several Arabian maps for Heretic II, but before this map, none for Quake. I knew I wanted to attempt an Arabian theme in Quake at least once, but I wasn't really sure how to go about it. At first I wanted to use Soldier Of Fortune's Arabian texture set, but after several hours of work it proved near-impossible to get to work. After messing around with several other ideas, I just dived in and started building. I didn't really plan out how the map was going to flow as I built it (in fact I didn't have a plan at all), so I'm happy with how it does flow considering. I acknowledge that some areas look better than others but I think overall this map is a visual success, as well as having very entertaining (if sometimes rather hard!) gameplay.

Tronyn's Score: 87

[Kona]s Review

This level requires the Scourge Of Armagon Mission Pack.

Another review of a Tronyn map, right after For My Babies 8 by Tronyn and Mike Woodham. After Phantasmal Garrison, Coven of Ebony, Soul Of Evil and OUM, this is Tronyn's first solo single-map release for Q1SP, and it certainly took me by surprise.

A Desert Dusk is a very professionally built map. You find yourself entering a fortress (fantastic looking entrance) that is textured in temple and brick of greens and browns. It ends up being a unique and very successful looking Arabian styled level.

Gameplay is excellent, with Scrag and the SOA's Centroids (Scorpions) being the main enemies. These tough little critters provide quite a challenge and are quite similar to a Shambler the way you fight them. Scrags are used in large flocks, while the other enemies are Fiend's and Vore's. Limiting the type of monsters makes it all the more believable - why would ALL of Quake's species lurk around the same small fortress?

Ammo was in good supply and the end battle was very good. Having almost a full red armor, cells and 2 MH's, I ran blindly into the boss's arena to take it on man-to-man, and it was still tougher than most end battles in custom maps (it didn't help that I'd also left a Centroid, Fiend and a couple of Scrags to fight at the same time as the boss).

Overall, A Desert Dusk was a great level and probably Tronyn's best to date.