• Release Date: 2000-05
  • Author: Pingu
  • Genre: Quake
  • Rating: 92

[Kona]s Review

If you are much into the Quake community, especially deathmatch, then you should know who Pingu is. If you haven't, maybe you have heard of some Q1Dm levels - P3A: Domination, Back2School, A2, Rediscovered Fantasies. Pingu is a very accomplished deathmatch mapper and those levels are some of the most popular levels for Quake. He has also made a couple of single player levels, but they really weren't that impressive. Now, finally, comes his third attempt at single player, and he has pulled it off spectacularly!

A3 has been a long time in the making, and quite an eagerly awaited level. I decided to play it in medium first, then I'd go back through in hard (I was guessing it would be very hard). I was wrong though - and 15 minutes later had it completed. So I went back through in hard. Not much different, and only 10min this time since I knew where the monsters were. It was still, a very fun level which everyone will enjoy.

The design, of course, was wonderful. It is very similar to some of his dm maps, in a strange fantasy type castle with those great brick textures mixed with water and terrain. Curves were used nicely, with great archways beaming overhead, or spiral staircases descending. The architecture is a mix between indoors and outdoors. There are often great structures built into the mountains with pillars hitting the sky. Often there is no roof.

The layout was very good, with some backtracking and meeting new enemies on the way. The size of the level isn't that big, as you go forth to find a key then come back to unlock the doors and so on until you eventually reach the last arena.

I won't ruin it for you, but the final battle arena was very well done and it was great to see a unique way of having a fight.

Although some players won't like it (because it isn't logical), I liked how monsters would spawn around you, or when after you've just killed someone and think 'that was easy', a whole new bunch spawn around you. It made it more exciting and of course quicker. With fighting like this you cannot use your normal tactic of standing outside of the room and waiting for the monsters to come to you one-by-one.

The only complaint I have about A3 was the length! For something in progress for so long, I was expecting quite a large level. It isn't, however, one of those tiny 20-30 monsters levels. But it didn't help when I looked at the stats and saw I still had 20 monsters to go then suddenly it ends!

Otherwise this is a great and unique level with a great atmosphere and enjoyable gameplay - what more could you want?

Pingu says it is his last Quake level, and he wants to leave a great mark. I sure hope there are more though!