Ad Infinitum

  • Release Date: 2001-01
  • Author: The Lieutenant
  • Genre: Quake
  • Rating: 59

Tronyns Review

This is an Ikbase textured map with a few other textures (easy to pick out the non-ikbase textures as they don't conform very well) thrown in for some reason, and several floors of action.

The base theme sees the heavy use of grunts, enforcers, and rottweilers. Grunts can be quite deadly considering the size of the packs they're used in, especially when perched on ledges above, where you can't get close enough to take them out easily. The layout is multileveled, but some more variations in the floors would be nice (the walkways, walls, and wall tilings are exactly the same from level to level in the main area). Also, perhaps it is just me, but the main part of the layout seems vaguely reminiscent of Than's The Final Threat, though this map is not nearly as good as that one (but then, what map is?).

Looks aren't overly well done in this map. The architecture could do with some more detail and variation, the lighting is generally too bright (more localised, moody light would be better), and I didn't think the new textures fit with the Ikbase ones very well. Nothing in this map is outstanding and I think some things are substandard. However, it is entertaining to play.

[Kona]s Review