Arabian Nights

  • Release Date: 2000-07
  • Author: Daz
  • Genre: Quake
  • Rating: 70

Tronyns Review

Arabian Nights is another DM-turned SP project, with the idea again supplied by Mr. Shambler. Daz has defined again his Arabian theme (originally in his DM map Arabian Days), and I have to say I like it better here.

The map is split into three seperate sections, which is alright. None of them are all that long, and there is no intermission between. I would prefer slightly longer levels and an intermission between each - that way you would be able to see what you missed in each unit.

Arabian Nights starts off strong, with you standing in a wind swept alley reading the foreboding message 'You have come to a place of Great Evil.' From there you make your way through a linear progression of indoor areas and multileveled outdoor areas with walkways. There are several interesting sections, such as 'The Gods wish to test you', and infrequent but foreboding messages keep you interested. The architecture was somewhat repetitive, and even sometimes boring, though. The theme is described as a cross between Arabian and Egyptian, but I'm not sure if those blend, or if they have been blended here. Still, it looks good and it is atmospheric, but one theme only and more detailed architecture would have been nice. The final area is somewhat anticlimatic after all the moody narration - I easily hid down the hall and took down the last foes. The best thing about Arabian Nights, though, is the layouts.

The layouts are great, the gameplay is good, and the architecture is decent. The Arabian Nights is a map worth giving a try.

Tronyn's Score: 70

[Kona]s Review

There is some nice design, but mainly the three levels are fairly plain. Lighting was a little dark too, even if it was based at night. It's the shadows that hide the plain texturing. But there are alot of multilevels which make the maps feel quite vertical and non-linear. Gameplay is good though, with plenty of ammunition and a good challenge.