Bad Pak

  • Release Date: 2000-09
  • Author: IronHammer
  • Genre: Quake
  • Rating: 76

Tronyns Review

Bad Pak is a four level unit by IronHammer, two being previously released maps, with two new maps as well. The two previously released maps are The NecroHell and Castle Of The Bad Die (which is found in this pack under the name 'The Hidden Palace.' Both of those got decent reviews here and at TeamShambler, and I'm happy to say for the most part this map pack continues the quality work set by those maps.

The first map is a Base map called Technologic Installation. It's full of your usual base fellows with a few modified grunts and enforcers, same sort of stuff seen in The Dig - new weapons, grenades, rockets, nails. These guys take a bit of getting used to but luckily they have new skins so you can tell them apart from the standard monsters. Architecture is grand and solid, good layouts, but there are no areas which are particularly outstanding. The end of this map could have been a bit more climatic.

Following upon the base map, you'll be transported to The NecroHell. When I first reviewed this map I was playing in software mode, and playing now in GLQuake made me realize how nice looking 'classic' style Runic maps can be. Everything I've said in my NecroHell review still applies here; this is a good map.

Beyond the Necrohell is a sandy medieval outpost called The DreadCastle, and my favorite of the new maps. The same large and thick architecture prevails here, with large multileveled rooms being supported by thick metal slabs and wooden beams. It's probably the most original map in this pack, though a few more variations on the basic wall textures would be nice. This map saw the first appearance of a new monster, a 'Cursed One' - don't get excited though, these guys suck. I have to put it bluntly, but the model is unfinished (there's still gridlines on it!), it just uses Ogre sounds, and the skin is very plain. Luckily these monsters are not used much at all so they do not intrude all that much on an otherwise solid gameplay experience.

Finally, The Hidden Palace (aka Castle Of The Bad Die - review ) finishes off the unit with the most challenging gameplay, the most ammunition and weapons (had been slightly sparese in earlier maps), and the best demonstration of the grand, solid, and sometimes elegant architecture.

Overall, these maps offer nice architecture, solid gameplay, and a good Q1SP experience. They may not stand out as much as some releases, and there may be that annoying monster, but these are decent maps well worth playing.

[Kona]'s Score: 76

[Kona]s Review

A great four level pack, all nice levels with great layouts where you travel back and forth over large areas. Also a great challenge, but with plenty of ammo and health. The levels themselves looked great, the last two using quite a good style. Overall very good, and I'm glad IronHammer decided to release these levels.