• Release Date: 2001-02
  • Author: Shaun [Kona] Ross
  • Genre: Quake
  • Rating: 72

Tronyns Review

This map is based on a deathmatch map, and therefore all the problems of having DM's unlimited interconnectivity are going to apply here. Overall it's been poorly recieved, although it says in the readme that it is perhaps not a regular style SP, but still a blast. What's the verdict here? Somewhere in the middle ground between the two. No, it does not suck, and no, it is not a blast.

Chanthood is built up of wood and metal, of green, gray, and blue. It looks cool, very stylish, and it definately has Kona's usual two-leveled layout style. Attention to detail is apparent in the architecture, and though the map is not very large, there is enough breathing room in the areas that there are. I was surprised that the map didn't really have a point that felt 'central' - for some reason I suppose I expected it would. Anyway, though the architecture was very well executed, I didn't like the theme too much.

Gameplay was somewhat interesting because the whole level is really small compared to most other Q1SPs and it depends on monsters teleporting in to keep you challenged. Ammunition and supplies are plentiful - very much so - but you have to be careful not to accidentally grab something before you need it. Fighting the monsters is entertaining, but lacks the atmosphere of discovering a new area with newly placed enemies. The level's goal is to find four Runes, after which the exit is revealed.

Chanthood is neither so awesome that you must have it nor so horrible that it's not even worth bothering with. I would recommend trying it out for yourself; personally, I found it decent, but not outstanding.