• Release Date: 2000-05
  • Author: Tim Elek
  • Genre: Quake
  • Rating: 75

[Kona]s Review

Coagula is just a small level, but something quite different too with it packed with around 60 monsters. After a neat little story you're thrown into a large metal 3-level map. The style is done nicely, and looks alot like ID's metal levels since Tim used all standard textures. But that's not all, the map is floating in the void! Well to be honest it just has a black sky all around it, but if you fall off the side you'll meet your doom. The Fiend's would often commit suicide, which provided some humour in the level.

Your mission is to kill all monsters on the first level before moving onto the second and finally finding a bunch of switches to reveal the exit on the third. But each level was very tough - if you try running away from your enemy you'll only run into more. On the first level I must have had about 10 monsters all chasing me around! Overall it wasn't too difficult though, as I finished the level using only my Dbl-Shotgun. But plenty of nails were provided along with rockets.

There is not much wrong with this level, although you have battled through the 60 monsters there was no big end battle, but you could consider the entire level to be an end battle!