Coagula Contest

  • Release Date: 2002-01
  • Author: Tronyn, Fatty, Dilvish, Necros
  • Genre: Quake

[Kona]s Review

Note: levels are not reviewed in any particular order

The objective here is to create small space-type maps that float in the void, based on the original Coagula series by Tim Elek. The map were judged and the prizes the satisfaction of reading feedback. So, to those who entered, here is my prize to you!

The winning map ended up being Fat Controller's Crisis After Crisis. The layout of this map reminded my much of the original Coagula by Elek, with just a few floors built upon each other to form an arena type circle, but with a hole in the middle. Therefore there was much exploration involved, and all the progression was made up of pressing switches to open a door to the next floor. While the layout was not very good for single player, it would be good fun for deathmatch.

Textures were Lunaran's metal slab set for Quake3, which looked good in Quake but not fantastic. Some more set peice architecture could have been used. It was nice to see the Grunts and Enforcers appear in this one, as they do not feature in the other maps. The gameplay was good and challenging throughout, but the ending was much too easy with monsters spawning too far away to be a challenge.

Dilvish' map, I See Dead People, was a very pleasant surprise to spawn into. A unique bright red with dark grey and metal trims. Some of the textures weren't up to professional standard, but they did well to convey a rather different atmosphere. The layout was the simple follow-the-ramp upwards style map. Not unlike that seen in Elek's Coagula2. The gameplay was good, with a few tough sections and well placed enemies. A suitably tough ending followed.

Tronyn's main map was Terracotta Terror. As soon as I spawned in I knew this would be my favourite. The design, totally based on Elek's second Coagula map, uses metal trim with brown slimey walls and brick. Bright yellow lights add an excellent contrast, but the checkerboard floor is almost too much. Architecture is excellent with towers crawling up to the top platforms, rather similar to ADD2.

While architecture was great, the gameplay was not quite as enjoyable as Dilvish's. It is good, but every time you turn a corner another flock of Scrags spawn, which can get very tiring and repetitive. Also there is unfortunately no big ending.

Starscream was Tronyn's next level. It was much like Terracotta Terror, but smaller with less details and different textures. Unfortunately, the textures did not work at all well. He used low quality and rather plain Doom textures, attempting to look a bluish grey. Gameplay was good, but also had too many spawning Scrags. Otherwise challenging with a good tough ending that sees you in a very close fight inside one of these small towers.

The Emptiness Without by Necros was the final map, which would have won until Grindspire turned in his deathmatch judging results and saw the map falling from first to last. This was map was quite different to the others. While the others were really just platform space maps, Necros put in a lot more work to make a map almost worth a standalone release. It is a much larger fortress built into a rocky mountain surrounded by the void. There are many details and much fancy angular brushwork. Also the layout has alot of returning to previous areas. The gameplay too is very good, with nothing too frustrating and a great challenging ending.

Unfortunately, progression is a problem. Necros scatters buttons, big and small, all over the place! Eventually I had explored almost everywhere and could not figure out how to continue. But I knew where I was supposed to be going, so noclipped and finished the map (with 100% kills). It is a shame that progression problems had to ruin a great map.

Overall, a good pack that I almost wish I had done something for aswell.