Coagula3: Bone

  • Release Date: 2001-08
  • Author: Tim Elek
  • Genre: Quake
  • Rating: 73

Tronyns Review

Coagula 3: Bone is the final map in Elek's Coagula series, and takes a different twist on his well-known theme.

Wheras the first two Coagula maps used id Runic textures (Gray-medieval and Green-tech respectively), 'Bone' uses a red-blue texture mix from the Daikatana set. At first I had only seen one screenshot of it and it looked quite odd; like a strange circus floating in the void, but upon seeing it in-game it doesn't really look like that. The red texture is either stone or lesh - I'm not sure - while the blue banding almost looks plasticy. The overall effect is almost surreal; no one really knows what this place has been built of, or what its purpose is or why it is there. This is very Quake (ie; what are the wind tunnels' purpose?).

Despite the different yet cool theme, this still has much in common with the other Coagula maps. For instance, the layout style is quite similar - basically wide walkways and platforms spiralling around a central structure, and working one's way up these. Also in common is the architecture, which some may complain is too simple - but those guys should try and make a map this wide-open and see how much finesse they can cram in there. Lighting is mostly done with spotlights which also prevailed in Coagula 2: 'Flesh.' The overall make of this map is definately Coagula: uncomplicated, thick, solid, architecture, spotlight and ambient lighting, and multileveled, well-planned layouts.

As for gameplay, this map is harder than either Coagula map. Perhaps I approached the other maps too slowly or at least more slowly than this one, but it seemed there was much more horde combat here. Wheras some players would backtrack to the lower levels and get health, I couldn't be bothered. I found the best strategy was to just keep pushing forward - there are many monsters but also many items, so if you have say 3 health and there are two shamblers in front of you, it's safe to say that if you can dodge them there will be health and nails around the corner. This is sort of a previously unseen risk-reward game-play which made the map much more entertaining for me - backtracking to get items would have been boring.

There are secrets in this map, of which I only found one, which was a pretty cool one. All in all, this is a different style of map, I don't know if it's better than the previous maps in the series but it is at least as good. And given the standard those maps set, that is really saying something.

Tronyn's Score: 88