• Release Date: 2001-04
  • Author: Glassman
  • Genre: Quake
  • Rating: 85

Tronyns Review

Colony is by another new Q1SP mapper, and is quite a first map. The technical quality is unscratchable besides having several new effects and monsters.

The map overall is kind of like a cross between The Dig and the first couple levels of Insomnia. The theme is dark base, very Quake2 with some modified Ikbase stuff (I think). The outdoor areas were the highlight of the map, low gravity green-lunar areas which were well-built and looked very cool. Unfortunately there were only two main outdoor areas and one wasn't even that big. Personally I thought the theme could have been done better, but the technical quality and lighting were for the most part excellent.

Gameplay is interesting: an awesome new blue enforcer which is fun to fight and not too powerful, new 'Droid' enemies, which, despite being way too damn 'star warsy' were fun to fight and quite a good new enemy. However I hated the new grunts - with rockets, grenades, for the most of the map you won't have much health, and if they hit you once, they're dead. They're just freakin grunts! To illustrate my point, imagine a rottweiler that was more powerful than a fiend, with Quad damage, and the ability to teleport. After you get killed for the 10th time by this super-dog (or super-grunt, as the case may be), you will find yourself saying 'But it's just a rottweiler!!!' The fact is that grunts are supposed to be cannon fodder enemies, and making them something other than that with only sparse health for the player makes the map frustrating in that respect.

The map is overall certainly good, but gameplay can get frustrating.

Tronyn's Score: 75