Contract Revoked - Part I ( Libris Vertiginis )

  • Release Date: 2001-07
  • Author: Kell
  • Genre: Quake
  • Rating: 81

Tronyns Review

Ksp1 'Libris Vertiginis' is a Q1SP that to the best of my knowledge came out of nowhere, along with the announcement of a larger project, from new Q1SP mapper Kell. The map uses almost exclusively custom textures, mostly id ones much modified, and thus attains a very 'Quakey' feel.

I would say that the theme here is very distinct, very cool, and fits very well into Quake. However I do have a couple gripes. The palette of colour the level has gives it a feel vaguely remniscent of Hexen II, and the modified terracotta textures also make it seem somewhat over-refined for the 'Elder World' theme it otherwise carries. All in all, though a very cool theme, whose execution as far as lighting, texturing, and architecture goes is nearly flawless.

The 'Quake-iness' of the theme is added to by two really excellent sections. First, there is a wall-spike trap (ala e1m7) - big cheesy traps like that are trademarks of Quake. Second, there is a library area that seemingly looms out of the void, with mobile platforms (ala 'Satan's Dark Delight') which just goes right off of the scale for coolness. Some really excellent use of things we haven't been seeing much of lately - platforms and traps - and plus the void-library as well as some other interesting things like jump pads - make this a very impressive level.

Gameplay is good throughout, reasonably tough, yet you probably won't die often unless you do something stupid. Medieval enemies are complemented by the Cthulu monsters like Shamblers and Vores which provide for some harder competition. The map's climax is certainly the library area. The map's end, in a series of sewer tunnels, is actually quite a let-down. For me it was kind of annoying trying to find my way around underwater, probably this won't be so for most people as I was playing in software and suffered from what I call 'un-lag' - that is, especially underwater, things will jump around. Still though, even if you do find the button right off the bat and make it to the end of the map, there should have been something better than a few cramped tunnels, an underwater button and a grate down to nothing. What would have been much better is if the black underwater tunnel had teleported the player to a climatic end area (like in The Shadow Over Innsmouth).

Overall, a very good map with a somewhat bad finish, though I'm sure this won't matter as much with other maps following on this in the finished product. As a standalone map, though, I would have expected a far better finish. But as it is, Ksp1 is still a good map.

Tronyn's Score: 78