Cruel Intentions

  • Release Date: 2001-02
  • Author: The Lieutenant
  • Genre: Quake
  • Rating: 59

Tronyns Review

This is my favourite map of the Lietenant's so far. Not only are his maps continually improving in technical quality and size, but I am not a big fan of base styled maps, of which both of his previous maps were. Cruel Intentions (I have no idea why it was titled that) is built up in a Moonlite Assault (Tyrann's classic Q1SP Castle) style, with a few new touches, and is done quite well.

Blue stone floors and white walls are the theme here, with some big outdoor areas and some smaller indoor and outdoor areas too (most of the map is some way or another, outside). Detail was lacking, but some areas did look very cool (the start area and the square tower area, for instance). I thought in some of the courtyards an uneven grass surface, ie Drakopf, would have been better than the flat stone floors. I know that with the size of the areas some more detail may have dragged the framerate on slower systems, but I don't care. This map looks good, but it could have looked awesome.

The layout is good too, though there are some long hallways which can get a little bland. However, all in all it's very interconnective, much more so than the previous LTH maps, and you continually work your way upward. Gameplay is quite difficult when you have Ogres bombarding you from positions high above, then slows down a little when / if you killed them (I changed my FOV and 'sniped' them with my shotgun), then got a bit tougher as you moved up, then surprisingly ended without too much of a challenge. The new crossbow knights had a cool introuction - just arrows / bolts being shot at you from above without seeing what was shooting it - though their sounds were a bit annoying (sounds like a tarbaby), and a new skin would have helped. Some areas were particularly tough, this however can be avoided if you don't kill monsters you aren't 'supposed' to. However I decided to kill all the Ogres that were far away that I could, and paid the price by having to Axe a Knight horde to death.

All in all, this is a good map and another improvement for the Lieutenant.

Tronyn's Score: 78

[Kona]s Review

It is interesting how Lieutenant's maps keep getting better. Which is why I think it's a bad idea that you need to play them all over again to collect ammo for the latest release. I deleted the debut long ago, so I had to just play through Lthsp2 again to get some ammo for this latest map. But that still wasn't enough. And then you get these Ogres who give you two options - use up all your ammo in sniping them using non-sniper weapons (tedious). Therefore as soon as your finished you've run out of ammo and have nothing but your axe to kill the next dozen monsters with. *[Kona] Quits* OR you can play the entire level putting up with the constant random explosions around you until you're FINALLY given the GL at the end of the map to take them out. About 3/4 through I just got sick of reloading and trying to fight without a frickin' exploding on my head, and put on god mode.

There were new Knights, which I absolutely hated. It's a nice idea, though I don't think if fit in very well with the castle theme. I always thought of Robin Hood being in a forest. Also they were very good at hitting you, which didn't make them very fun to fight.

However the design was good, this time seeing an excellent vertical layout (ruined by Ogres). Design was solid and reminded me of Moonlight Assault and was only plain in a few areas (as opposed to the previous maps).

Overall a great improvement in design, but a gameplay disaster just due to some small issues.