Deaths Cold Touch

  • Release Date: 2000-05
  • Author: Daz
  • Genre: Quake
  • Rating: 64

[Kona]s Review

Deaths Cold Touch is a small cold metal map, especially good considering it is Darren's first released level. Using only the ID textures, Darren does well to create the classic metal map, with lava, skull trimming and white lights. Design was often good, although there were a couple of areas that could have done with more details. There was one particularly impressive room where the walls are lined with small buttresses and with more work could have been very good. If Darren had carried on this style throughout the level it would have been greatly improved upon. However, there is still enough eye candy and details to keep you happy.

Gameplay was tough at times. Although there are only around 50 enemies, many of them Vores and Fiend. A shortage of ammunition doesn't help, but once you get the rl it can take care of everything in your path. But with very little health and ammunition it meant you almost didn't have any choice which weapon to use on the enemies so it made it quite challenging. The ending was good too - as long as you walk far enough forwards to get caught by the wind and thrown into the nest of enemies. I ended up picking off half of them with grenades before this happened which made it too easy.

Overall another short but enjoyable level, and by the looks of this debut release Darren's future levels could be very good.