• Release Date: 2000-05
  • Author: Mike 'Hellscrag' Wilberforce
  • Genre: Quake
  • Rating: 66

[Kona]s Review

Descent is getting back to basics. Back to the way Quake originally was, with great gameplay, simple levels and lots of them! There are ten levels in this large pack, including a start map and a secret level.

These days the Quake levels being released are very well done compared to those back in 1997. The standards have risen greatly. Unfortunetely, Descent does not reach those standards. Many of the rooms are simple boxes with little decoration inside and all one texture. However, compared to the old classics, Descent is quite good. Not everything has to look superb like recent Quake levels do. As long as it is fun and isn't ugly. Of course there are some nice parts to Descent and levels do get better as you go. The last few levels were very good, I wish the first several were that good.

Where Descent does well is with gameplay. It is your classic gameplay, not too hard, not easy, and just the right amount of ammunition and health. There are about 50 monsters in each level, and all monsters have been used throughout, as well as a few new ones. The new ones being a Scrag and HellKnight which are stronger, and a nasty Vore which lasts forever at the end.

I wasn't planning on completing Descent all in one sitting, but each time I completed a level I thought, 'ah shit, i'll just do one more...', until eventually I had finished it all! Even without great level design Descent kept me wanting more and it was very entertaining. If you still enjoy playing the original game levels, despite them looking a little old, then you will enjoy Descent. I recommend it.