• Release Date: 2000-08
  • Author: Steve Rescoe
  • Genre: Quake
  • Rating: 61

Tronyns Review

Drakopf is one of the medieval classics by Steve Rescoe. It's 2 maps, the first being a small canyon on the way to a castle, the second being the castle Drakopf itself.

The first map is quite small with only 14 monsters, but makes a very good introduction to the main map. It really adds to the atmosphere. The second map, though, is where the fun really begins. The Castle is in a very distinct blue metal / small white stone theme, with original visual features including makeshift 'medieval walls' which were later to become a part of Steve's trademark Village style in Village Of Dread and Shadow Over Innsmouth. The layout of the castle is excellent, with inbuildings, courtyards, walkways, and more. There are several well defined areas; the Castle Courtyard, the Main Chamber (housing one of the two impressive Dragon heads), the sewers beneath, the upstairs, and finally, the lava-filled final chamber. You will make your way from one area to the next in an exploratory way; the map is quite non-linear. Some areas just have supplies and you do not even have to visit them.

The map isn't easy (I died three times), but it is fair. There is some very effective monster placement, such as scrags sniping through small windows, Ogres on battlements, and rottweilers around corners. I ran out of shells, but that's just not due to any unfair supplies, just to me overusing the double shotgun and underusing the nailgun (nailguns, if you find the secret). You do not get the Rocket Launcher or Lightning gun in this map, which is fine with me.

While it may look slightly dated compared to recent maps, this map is truly great. Another classic map from Steve Rescoe.

Tronyn's Score: 91