• Release Date: 2001-05
  • Author: The Lieutenant
  • Genre: Quake
  • Rating: 75

Tronyns Review

LTH's latest features a somewhat nonlinear design and very curvy architecture. The unlikely texturing at first appears very strange - as a mapper I consider what he used for the floor to be for platform-tops only, and what he used for the walls to be 'decal' only - that is, for small decorative bits only. This really is a strange combination that I never could have imagined, however, after getting used to it it is not that bad. The theme is spiced up a bit by inset gargoyles and Runic lights, and the architecture as I said is quite impressive.

Gameplay is very interesting. Make sure you have played the previous LTH maps immediately prior or just give yourself the appropriate weapons (which I did). There are quite a few monsters, it's interesting when you decide to run away from one horde, only to run into another, and basically have monsters chasing you all over the map. There is a lot of ammunition as well, however, do not be too trigger happy on the first half of the map because you will need to be conservative and leave some ammunition to pick up either when you retread old ground, or just when you need some to face the final enemies. Personally I blasted everything that moved and even a few things that didn't and ran sorely out of ammunition near the end. I axe-killed several Hell-knights until I got to the control room, where I picked up ammunition, killed the guard Hell Knights, and again ran out, forced to leave the level with a HellKnight, two vores, and a Shambler behind. Speaking of leaving the level, the map has a very cool exit, I'll let you find out what it is for yourself.

Exodus' theme is more of a novelty than a groundbreaking or outstanding theme; it is original but I doubt we will see something like this again. However, the map offers fast-paced action and an interesting design, plus leaps and bounds forward in architectural quality from all previous LTH maps.

Tronyn's Score: 78