Fatal Error

  • Release Date: 2001-04
  • Author: Tiddles
  • Genre: Quake
  • Rating: 69

Tronyns Review

Tiddles returns with a new level in his distinct Industrial style. Like his previous maps in this style (of which there are quite a few), the map is built up in mainly id and Rogue textures - grimy gray stone, brown metal, and dark lighting.

Fatal Error may not look outstanding, but it has a solid, well-backed theme and nicely executed architecture. A couple little nit-picks include the horizontally stretched crate textures and the keyboards - neither seemed to fit. All in all though, I'm really starting to like this style and Tiddles has certainly carved himself a niche with it.

Gameplay has around 70 monsters on normal, approximately the same as his last, Base X-2. Base X-2 wasn't very difficult, however, Fatal Error can be. The monsters aren't spread evenly throughout the map, some areas are very quiet while others create a lot of a challenge. The uneven placement keeps things interesting, and trying to make your way through the larger hordes is entertaining - especially if, like me, you missed picking up the nailgun. Supplies are fair and the connectivity is decent. The area with a Shambler and two Fiends is probably supposed to be the map's climax, but a large battle in an arena after the silver key door - instead of just the map's exit - would have been a more satisfying finish.

Tiddles' latest restates his well-known style and though it doesn't stand out as much as other maps might, it is definately worth downloading.

Tronyn's Score: 80