For My Babies 6

  • Release Date: 1999-09
  • Author: Mike Woodham
  • Genre: Quake
  • Rating: 72

[Kona]s Review

Finally a Quake level is released! Yes I do review Quake aswell, there just haven't been any to review. Now, in case you've don't know about Mike Woodham's level, rather than making them himself he just takes parts of other peoples unfinished parts and puts it all together. So really he just does all the boring stuff :P

Before I started I wasn't expecting anything special. A bunch of amateur mappers who couldn't be bothered finishing their maps, so Mike comes along and just pastes them all together. Different architecture throughout, different styles and atmosphere and probably a horrible layout. But none of that came true! The design of this level was great, using the metal and lava theme nicely which reminded me of some of those classic custom levels - and even ID's levels!

Overall it is very attractive, nice lighting and layout. Gameplay was good - easily enough ammunition to make it through some very good fights and ambushes.There was just one bad thing about this level - what is a tech/base section doing in a dingy metal level like this? Other than that this is definitely a treat!