For My Babies 8

  • Release Date: 2000-12
  • Author: Mike Woodham & Tronyn
  • Genre: Quake
  • Rating: 80

Tronyns Review

Well, since this is partially my map, I am biased. But I think this map kicks the crap out of any temple theme map within the last long time, even Egyptian Myth which was and is still so great. Most of the credit goes to Mike. I created one of the main large areas, several of the medium ones, and he did all of the rest. I would say he made at least half of this map from scratch. I think he did an excellent job connecting everything together, and putting monsters in to create a challenging level (it's not every day I conquer a shambler with an axe, 6 grenades, and 10 health). Particulary having Vores on walkways sniping was a dangerous and challenging thing to do. A very large and very satisfying Q1SP experience. If I had to criticize, I'd say that sometimes I did get stuck in the tunnel (rarely, though), there was no cd track set for the map, and that some of the outdoor areas were a little too bright. But those barely matter. What matters is this map rocks.

Tronyn's Score: 87

[Kona]s Review

Over 3000 brushes make up this huge map, which starts in a neat canyon area before moving into the big temple. Some of the areas were very large, but I didn't experience any slowdowns. The theme is temple, with the Egyptian textures from Rogue used throughout the level. It was all quite nice, though some sections could have had some more work such as the large area that holds the exit where you fight a number of Shamblers. Other sections had water or great supports to decorate the rooms.

This was made not only by Mike Woodham, but also many pieces of maps made by Tronyn were put in there. The layout was good, as you get with Mike Woodham's levels. Though it's fairly linear, it's also hard to tell where the new sections had been placed (apart from the canyons at the start that were quite different to the rest).

Gameplay was great. I loaded it up, pressed tab to see how many there were and it read around 140 - oh crap! It kept me busy for about 30min, whereas the usual Q1SP only takes half that time. At one point I ran out of Shells and got a little concerned, but other than that ammo was fine, and there was plenty of health. It's just a matter of fighting through the masses, although I did do quite a bit of re-loading.